Hybrid Advantages

The world’s first cargo airship, designed to bring affordable, environmentally friendly transportation to remote locations Heavy cargo can be easily transported further and more economically with less energy.


Hybrid Airships provide outstanding remote cargo delivery.

• 44,000 lbs of payload
• 10' x 10 x 60' cargo bay
• 5,000 gallon cargo fuel tanks built-in
• Up to 19 passengers
• Flexible, customizable
• Roll-On Roll-Off, CAT D6, ATCO trailer

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Hybrid Airships offer large capacity transportation capability with significant fuel economy and reduced operating costs. They can operate from existing infrastructure or service remote “points of need” with austere infrastructure.

• Minimal infrastructure
• Unlimited global and remote access
• Take-off and land on unimproved surfaces
• Low operating cost
• Minimal ground support required
• Lower fuel consumption vs fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft
• Simple design – low maintenance costs

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The Hybrid Airship has lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions, and is quieter than other air vehicles.

● Low environmental impact
● Low fuel burn and carbon emissions
● Minimal infrastructure
● Quiet 

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The Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship is uniquely designed to provide service in the remotest of areas.

• Respond within hours
• Land almost anywhere – bypass damaged ports, roads, rail lines, & airports
• Transport first responders, medical equipment, supplies, clean water & food
• Evacuate patients
• Large volume & flexible cargo bay accommodates variety of cargo

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