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Aviation Week
Straightline Aviation Examines Humanitarian Role For Airship

Flight Global
Hybrid airship operator forms alliance with Alaska logistics firm

CBC News
N.W.T. cabinet committee hears airship pitch from Lockheed Martin

Robotic "spiders" repair holes in Hybrid Airships

Future airlifters inspired by airships and military

Australian Aviation
Hybrid Airship to change the face of remote transport

CBC News
Lockheed Martin airships could fight food insecurity in the North, says company

Lockheed has liftoff: Sells new airships in $480M deal

BBC News

Inflation takes off ... full of helium

Lockheed Lands Airship Deal as Oil Industry Spurs Blimp Revival

Aviation Week
Up Close: Lockheed Martin's LMH-1 Hybrid Airship

Lockheed Inks $480 Milliion Deal for Cargo-Hauling Hybrid Airship
Breakthrough aircraft to transform remote mining

LA Times
British firm will buy first 12 of Lockheed's new blimp-like hybrid airships

Sky News
UK's Straightline Avaition Buying 12 Airships

Air Transport World
Lockheed Martin wins first order for hybrid airships

Business News Network (BNN)
Giant airships one step closer to use in Alberta oilsands, Canada's North

Flight Global
Lockheed venture lifts off with LOI for 12 hybrid airships

This airship transports Lockheed into new territory

Can 'superblimb' unlock hidden riches of Africa?

The National
Lockhead Martin's airship needs no airport to deliver hundreds of tonnes in Africa

CNBC Africa
Hybrid Airships will be the next frontier in mining

How We Made it in Africa
Could these giant $40m blimps help miners bypass Africa’s infrastructure woes?

How Stuff Works
The FAA Just Approved a Hybrid Airship, But What Is That, Exactly?  It's called a hybrid airship, and let's just put it this way: It's not your great-grandfather's zeppelin.

Giant airship could revolutionize shipping.

Daily Mail
Lockheed’s airship gets the green light: FAA approves massive hybrid vehicle that could launch in 2018. 

Der Spiegel
Could new inventions bring the zeppelin back?  Companies like defense contractor Lockheed Martin have begun developing gigantic airships for freight transportation. 

Daily Telegraph
Defense giant Lockheed Martin sets its sights on the mining and oil & gas to the skies.

Airshow-Lockheed names partner for commercial sales of giant airships

More than 20 years of development and research has finally borne fruit for the Skunk Works engineers at Lockheed Martin. 

Aviation Week
Not your typical "Zeppelin" this new-technology airship has some novel features.  After 20 years of development, first order now sought. 

Digital Trends
If you ever find yourself with excessive amounts of money and are in need of ideas on how best to spend it, consider buying an airship from Lockheed Martin.

Washington Business Journal
Lockheed Martin is expanding beyond its traditional airplanes for military use and is marketing its new transport blimp to the commercial market - though that was not the original plan.

Air Cargo World
To help address the problem of bringing heavy equipment into regions with poor infastructure, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has been working on developing a hybrid airship for more than 20 years.

3 Wins for Lockheed Martin From the Paris Air Show

Breaking Defense
PARIS AIR SHOW: After investing 20 years, substantial amounts of cash and using the time of some of its vaunted and scarce Skunk Works engineers, Lockheed Martin today announced it is handing off its Hybrid Airship to a commercial reseller. 

Flight Global
Lockheed is touting it for cargo-carrying applications, and says it can carry some 21,000kg. It has also entered into an agreement with Hybrid Enterprises to market the system and act as the reseller of the airship.

Vice News
Lockheed Martin introduced plans for their new LMH1 hybrid airship on June 16 at this year's Paris Air Show, setting their sights on a commercial debut by 2018.

IHS Jane's 360
Lockheed Martin plans to offer a new 20-tonne-capacity hybrid airship to the international heavy-haulage market, company executives announced at the Paris Air Show on 16 June.

Cargo Facts
Hybrid Enterprises LLC has been formed to take on the job of marketing Lockheed Martin’s Hybrid Airships.  The need for an airborne cargo vehicle not dependant on airstrips or other ground infrastructure has long been obvious.